Do I have to know my way around a gym? 

Absolutely not, all we ask is that you come in with a good attitude and you're ready to work hard with one of our trainers!

Do you provide towels and water? 

We offer towel service upon request and a filtered water fill station. Please bring your bottle or you can purchase one at the studio.

Do you have a shower?

Indigo has one shower that can be reserved upon arrival to the studio.

What are your hours? 

Indigo is open M-F 7AM - 8PM, S-Sun 8AM-1PM.

Where do I park? 

Parking is available anywhere within the shopping center. Be aware the afternoon and evening hours can get busy. There is free residential parking along Lucile Ave and metered parking along Sunset Blvd.


Do my classes ever expire? 

If you purchase a single class or a package you have 365 calendar days from the purchase date to use up classes.

Do I need clip-in shoes for Spindigo? 

You do not need clip-ins; the bikes have toe cages as well as clip-ins. It’s honestly your preference!